Monday, November 9, 2009

Unearthly Challenge: Lighting and lots more.

Added an orange variant of In Youngs petal plant and PFX. Changed sunlight direction drastically. Was losing a lot of normals and edges in the glaciers.

Added a first pass sky and a soft lens flare. No sun yet though. :) Added a rough in of the Freezer Ships creeping over the top of the ridge.

Robby is working on actually making those pretty. I just roughed it in. Continued with point lights and narrowed down our composition and shot layout to this one and another 1. 6 more days left.

Currently over budget on polys and under budget on textures. About mid this week I'll be taking the back mountains and turning them into a poly plane / card. Should cut out about 100k polys and we'll be in perfect budget territory.

More color and scene composition aid coming tomorrow for the foreground. 7:00 am til Midnight. Time for sleep.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unearthly Challenge: Lighting

Working hard on environment challenge. Mainly focusing on lighting at this point. Some placeholders still in the space.

Most of the map is using Lightmass from Unreal Development Kit. The foliage-ish looking stuff is all hand lit. I was not having luck getting them to behave properly with emissive and alpha masks. Actually happier with the hand placed lights for these guys. Otherwise though, the Lightmass system is pretty awesome.