Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unearthly Challenge: Lighting

Working hard on environment challenge. Mainly focusing on lighting at this point. Some placeholders still in the space.

Most of the map is using Lightmass from Unreal Development Kit. The foliage-ish looking stuff is all hand lit. I was not having luck getting them to behave properly with emissive and alpha masks. Actually happier with the hand placed lights for these guys. Otherwise though, the Lightmass system is pretty awesome.


Sandy Sze said...

pretty ^_^

Ace said...

Looking good man, digging the coral life and those ice cliffs.

ArtEnvelope said...

Thanks Sandy! Thanks Ace, those ice cliffs came out nice! A guy named Robby Lamb is on my team, he is the one that did the ice cliffs.

The way our team is structured so far is: Robby did the ice walls and is doing the ships. In Young modeled all the coral life (except the one in the bottom right). I packaged it all up and made all the shaders for everything, placed items, camera shot and lit the scene.

Working on a sky solution now :)