Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Train Station WIP #4 Architecture, Railings, Lots more.

Train Station WIP #4 - Architecture, Railings, Lots more.
http://www.artofben.com/ (Ben Mauro)

This is the part where I ask myself. "Would you kindly finish this already!"
Thanks self. I'm not sure if its the coffee, or the La Pinata in my belly, but I have a lot of energy. I went through a few versions of these steps but just ended up going witht his version because frankly, I was tired of messing with it. They came out pretty good though.

Railings: These were a lot of fun. I made a few versions in the engine real quick. I then painted a few other versions in PS. I ended up going with the bottom version. I felt the top was a bit too much.

Shot 3: Finally got some color that I like. This kind of pushed me into the right direction. Some technical stuff here I noticed are things like the Alphas are not casting shadows. I'll fix that in the next update. At this point, I wasnt sure if the railing was going to stay down here or only be used at the top area as I planned originally.