Monday, November 9, 2009

Unearthly Challenge: Lighting and lots more.

Added an orange variant of In Youngs petal plant and PFX. Changed sunlight direction drastically. Was losing a lot of normals and edges in the glaciers.

Added a first pass sky and a soft lens flare. No sun yet though. :) Added a rough in of the Freezer Ships creeping over the top of the ridge.

Robby is working on actually making those pretty. I just roughed it in. Continued with point lights and narrowed down our composition and shot layout to this one and another 1. 6 more days left.

Currently over budget on polys and under budget on textures. About mid this week I'll be taking the back mountains and turning them into a poly plane / card. Should cut out about 100k polys and we'll be in perfect budget territory.

More color and scene composition aid coming tomorrow for the foreground. 7:00 am til Midnight. Time for sleep.


thea said...

that's my desktop now. so pretty!

girlnblack77 said...

That's pretty freaking awesome. I liked the first version, but the progress is amazing. [I have no clue when you start talking in industry lingo - and don't really understand what you do -- I just stumbled onto and subscribed to your blog a while back.] I like the shift in light source, though, from pic 1 to pic 2; it reminds me of early spring skies in Alaska. :) And your critters are creepier now.

ArtEnvelope said...

Thanks Thea! Hopefully a new one will come soooooooooon.