Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Train Station WIP #1 Intro

Bioshock Art Study.
Inspired by http://www.artofben.com/ and 2K Boston/Australia's BioShock.

So, I started a scene based off my love for a few things.

1)A need to expand my art abilities and styles.
2)I enjoyed playing Bioshock.
3)I feel its a good test to my skillset in Unreal Editor.
4)Because its fun. And you all know how I feel about fun.
5) www.artofben.com nuff said!
Timeline: 1 month. Lets see what can get done between my job and this!

So here is the first screenshots. Top: I loved the emissive signs in Bioshock. I really wanted to emulate the style of signs here with my Locomotive sign. I really liked Arcadia and the ROLLING HILLS sign. Lovely. Still have more work to do on it though. Second: I really like this method. Blocking everything out in Maya or a 3d package. It really lets you have a better understanding what your scene will look like in the end. (and also make a ton of changes quickly).

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