Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spire - Week 1 - Night 2

 Spire -  Details... first time
So tonight I spent hours looking up photo reference for textures. I found some AWESOME images of the zhangjiaji national forest that had some awesome rocks with foliage on them. Left side is still a mess...but I'm tired.... Implemented a ton of feedback from instructor (who is a badass by the way).  Check out his matte painting work at: http://davidluong.net/subpages/mattepainting.html

 Below is one section taken a little bit further as I try to figure out what these are gonna be :)
So, for the few of you that actually follow my blog... You'll know that I never internally detail anything. This was, surprisingly, a huge challenge.

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Dig Girl said...

YES! Someone else who uses the word "foliage." My in-laws make fun of me all the time.

Your art, as usual, is stunning.